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Double vision, cross eyes, lazy eye, and other similar problems can all be related to a single condition called strabismus. One of the most common eye problems in the world, strabismus affects millions of people. Strabismus surgery in Louisiana is a far more common treatment plan for children than for adults. Strabismus surgery works to correct the underlying cause of this condition, which is related to the strength of the muscles on the outsides of the eyeball. If some muscles are too weak or too strong, it can be very difficult, or impossible, to get the two eyes to focus on a single spot for stereo vision.

Strabismus surgery in Louisiana is performed as an outpatient surgery, where the incisions are made on the white part of the eye. There are two main types of strabismus surgery: resection and recession. When a surgeon detaches an eye muscle and moves it back slightly before reattaching it, the muscle is weakened. This solves focusing problems that result from muscles which are too strong. Resection refers detaching and completely moving the muscles to a different place. When muscles are too weak, resection can be applied to the antagonistic (opposing) muscle by moving it to a more dominant forward position in order to pull the eye into focus. Strabismus surgery may need to be performed multiple times or teamed with special glasses, patches, or exercises in order for it to be completely successful.

Strabismus surgery is primarily available in the larger cities and towns in Louisiana, such as Baton Rouge, Lafayette, or Shreveport. The cost of strabismus surgery in Louisiana ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, where the average cost is $3,000. 130-260 million people are estimated to have strabismus globally, so ophthalmologists are typically very prepared to answer your questions about strabismus surgery in Louisiana.

Knowing about strabismus surgery in Louisiana should include realistic expectations for after the surgery. Because there are incisions and muscle adjustments, the eye area will be bandaged. The eye area will show bruising for at least two weeks, including the blood red bruising of the white part of the eye. The surgery area is normally sore or painful and can be irritated and overly sensitive. It can feel like there is something in your eye. One of the technological advances in this surgery is called adjustable suture strabismus surgery. Twenty-four hours after the surgery, the sutures are adjusted to help focus the eye more precisely. This reduces the need for multiple surgeries.

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