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Strabismus surgery involves a variety of techniques that help to correct misalignment of the eyes. Another term for misalignment of the eyes is being cross eyed. Those born with this misalignment may have an obvious issue while others may have only a slight problem. Some people develop a misalignment later in life due to medical issues or accidents. Those with misalignment though have difficulties focusing and may experience problems in socialization. This type of eye surgery is the third most common in the United States. Most patients quickly recover with a minimum of pain or discomfort. There is often a need for re-surgery at some point later in life to maintain proper alignment. This is the beginning of what you need to know about strabismus surgery in Maine.

Eye surgeons use a variety of techniques to correct misalignment of the eyes. The choice of technique depends on the problem. Each eye has six different muscles attached to its exterior which controls movement and rotation. If one muscle is too strong or too weak, it can cause a misalignment in the eyes. Cranial nerve damage can also cause problems with eye alignment. Most techniques used in this surgery involve recession or resection. Recession involves weakening a muscle that is too strong. Resection involves moving the placement of a muscle to give the eye better alignment. A developing technique for this surgery is called adjustable suture strabismus surgery. This involves putting adjustable sutures in place so a doctor and fine tune the final alignment of the eyes. There is more to know about strabismus surgery in Maine.

In many cases, those undergoing this surgery are looking for both cosmetic improvement and vision improvement with the surgery. The problem comes with the human brain. The brain is what ultimately controls the muscles around the eyes. Many times, even with successful cosmetic alignment of the eyes, vision improvement does not happen because the brain is not using the eye muscles properly due to past training. For children, doctors often recommend multiple surgeries to attain the best alignment and surgical results. This is important to know about strabismus surgery in Maine.

What can you expect to happen after strabismus surgery? After surgery, patients often experience pain and swelling for a few days. Focusing on objects can be a bit tricky as the brain adjusts to the new muscle alignment. In some cases, patients may need corrective lenses or lenses with prisms to attain good eyesight.

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