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When a person has misaligned eyes, it is because of strabismus. It used to be that there was not much you could do for strabismus, but within the last century strabismus eye surgery has been a booming business. There are over one million strabismus surgeries done throughout the United States alone each year. It is one of the most sought after eye surgeries after laser vision correction and glaucoma surgery. The eye has six muscles around the outside of it that controls the movement of the eye. When one of these muscles is either too strong or too weak, it is called a strabismus. The only way to correct strabismus is through surgery.

There are actually several different types of strabismus surgery that are performed throughout the state of Maryland. There are loosening and weakening procedures that can be done to take care of the eye muscle that is too strong. Those loosening and weakening procedures are: recession, myotomy, myectomy, tenotomy, and tenectomy. If your eye muscle is too weak, there are strengthening and tightening procedures that can be done like: resection and tucking. Some of the other procedures that your eye surgeon may perform for strabismus are: transposition or repositioning and adjustable suture surgery. Whichever surgical procedure your surgeon selects will depend on the reason for your strabismus.

Most of the surgical procedures for strabismus involve changing the location of either the particular muscle that is affected (when too strong) or changing the location of the opposing muscle (when too weak). Each surgical procedure just does it in different ways. The surgical procedures are relatively straight forward and are performed as an out-patient procedure. That means you will only spend a few hours in the hospital before you are able to go home. Of course, you will need someone to drive you as you will not be able to see well until the eye has healed for a day or so.

The average cost of strabismus surgery in Maryland is around $3,000 per eye. That includes all of the fees associated with having an out-patient surgical procedure performed. If you do not have insurance or insurance does not pay for much of the cost, you have some avenues to explore. You can always apply for Care Credit. Care Credit is a special credit account that is just for medial, vision, and dental purposes. The finance charge can be high though. You can also apply for a personal loan from a bank so you get a lower interest rate.

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