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If you have ever seen an individual with cross eyes then you more than likely were in the presence of someone with Strabismus. In simple terms, Strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes that is more common than many people may be aware of. By some estimates, as many as 5% of children suffer from this condition and many do not get the treatment they need because their parents or caregivers are under the mistaken impression that they will simply grow out of it. While there are number of treatment options available for individuals who have this condition, Strabismus surgery in Michigan is often necessary in order to permanently correct it.

Before an individual can decide whether or not Strabismus surgery in Michigan is the best choice, they should consult with at least two ophthalmologist or pediatricians in order to come to a clear understanding of what their options are. In some situations, surgery may not be necessary while in others it may be the only option in order to completely correct a severe case of Strabismus. A physician may recommend regular eye exercises, but in most cases exercises not enough to actually correct Strabismus.

If, after discussing the available treatments with a physician, the choices made to undergo Strabismus surgery in Michigan there are a few different techniques that may be used depending on the type of Strabismus that an individual is suffering from. For example, if the muscle is too strong the physician may detach it from the affected eye and reattach a different location in order to effectively weaken its pull. If the misalignment of guy is due to a muscle that is too weak then the surgeon will likely adjust the opposing muscle in order to better balance out the poll of both muscles on the eye.

In most cases Strabismus surgery in Michigan is a relatively safe procedure, but it is always a good idea for an individual to have a clear understanding of all the risks and benefits before undergoing any type of surgical procedure. Any questions or concerns should be carefully discussed with a physician well before the surgery in order to make the most informed decision possible regarding this, or any, procedure. The cost of Strabismus surgery in Michigan will vary depending on the severity of the case, the fees charged by the surgeon, the facility in which the procedures performed in, and the aftercare that is necessary.

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