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Millions of people around the United States suffer from Strabismus, and the incidence of this vision impairment is no lower in Minnesota. During a case of Strabismus, the eyes fail to align properly. This causes one to look unusual in relationship to the other. In severe cases of strabismus, an eye might be turned inward or outward at a radical angle. In Minnesota, these cases are typically handled early in childhood. However, less severe cases tend not to be treated this early in life. If you have a more mild case of strabismus which is discomforting, you may need to seek help from Minneapolis's medical community later in life.

Whether or not strabismus can be treated in Minnesota depends largely on the underlying cause of the condition. If the cause of the misalignment is neurological, then it cannot be treated through common Minnesota medical conditions. Strabismus can arise suddenly due to birth defects or later on in life after experiencing physical trauma -- these cases have a completely different medical designation. In cases of "true strabismus," however, Minnesota residents will usually not have a problem finding an eye clinic where the appropriate treatment is offered. Strabismus surgery is relatively easy to recover from and can take as little as a few hours -- or even less.

Traditional strabismus surgeries involve making several very tiny incisions into the eye through which the muscles that support eye focus can be enhanced and improved. They may need to be tightened, shortened or otherwise operated on. The goal of the surgery is to create a balanced "muscle profile" of all the muscles related to eye focus; as a result, every patient's procedure will be somewhat different and the approach taken will depend on specific needs. Minnesota residents might find that their insurance will be forthcoming with help about strabismus surgery in Minnesota if they can show that their condition affects their ability to see.

Strabismus surgery tends to cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per eye. These figures will vary based upon the specific type of surgery used and the amount of effort required to align the eyes. Sometimes, follow up procedures may be necessary in order to make sure that the eyes are completely aligned. Although it is not always possible to know whether the first procedure will resolve the problem 100%, follow up procedures are usually covered in the original cost. When choosing between a laser and traditional surgery, bear in mind that the end result is the same, although your time to recovery may differ.

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