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Strabismus surgery is performed to correct a tight or weakened eye muscle. Some conditions may cause this eye disturbance to occur. When a person typically needs this surgery they have what is known to most people as a wandering eye. Because the muscle is not able to properly control the eye movement, involuntary movement is seen. When an eye muscle is too strong the eye will look as if it is looking inward towards the nose. If the eye muscle is too weak, the eye will look out towards the side of the head. Sometimes the person who has this condition is unaware unless it is pointed out to them by an ophthalmologist.

There are varying degrees if this eye condition, but many adults are offered the option to have strabismus surgery. Strabismus surgery in Mississippi is typically performed at an eye surgery center such as Jackson Eye Center in Jackson. The surgery is typically performed right and the patient is kept for observation for a couple of hours. The muscle is cut and sectioned to either lengthen shorten the muscle. This can be successfully done and completed with adjustable sutures. The eye surgeon will take the patch off from the eye within 24 hours to see if any adjustment to the sutures will be done. They can either be shortened or lengthened depending upon how the eye is responding.

Strabismus surgery in Mississippi is typically performed on adults. The best candidates for this surgery are those who have developed this condition in adulthood. Children do not normally respond well, and may need to have at least two additional surgeries in their adult years. People who have had this surgery as adults are able to focus on a focal point. This is necessary for the muscle to be analyzed for the right position that it needs to be in.

A trained ophthalmologist should perform this surgery. Strabismus is a condition that affects many people. Many people throughout history have had this condition. The technology has allowed for this surgery to correct many people’s wandering eye. The down time for strabismus is typically a week, but full recovery cannot be seen until six to eight weeks after surgery. The patient typically experiences redness in their eye along with feeling like something is stuck in the eye. It is important not to irritate the eye. If this continues more than six weeks, the patient should advise their surgeon.

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