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If you've been diagnosed with strabismus, you probably have a lot of questions about strabismus surgery in Montana. The idea of any surgical procedure can be alarming, but it's important to understand that strabismus surgery is a relatively simple outpatient procedure. First, it will help to understand exactly what strabismus is. This is a condition in which the eye is misaligned. This can be caused by muscle weakness, muscle tightness, or even a dysfunction in the cranial nerve that effects how the brain and eyes communicate. If the problem is related to the eye muscles, strabismus surgery can be an effective treatment that will permanently fix the problem.

Each eye is controlled by six different muscles. Your ophthalmologist will begin by identifying which muscles are the sources of the problem. Strabismus surgery can be performed in many different ways to correct the underlying problem, depending on the exact cause of your strabismus. The muscles are typically detached from the eye and reattached with small sutures in a different position. The muscles can be placed further back to reduce the strength of the muscle, or moved forward for a weakened muscle. By carefully repositioning the muscles on the eye, your surgeon can improve the eye's alignment and therefore fix associated vision problems.

One option that you will want to learn about when you're considering strabismus surgery in Montana is the use of adjustable sutures. With adjustable sutures, you may need to have more than one operation. However, this process will allow your ophthalmologist to fine tune the placement of the muscles for the best possible results. Strabismus surgery is an outpatient procedure. You will need to have someone drive you home after the surgery because anesthesia is used. However, you will experience a quick recovery. Expect to wear an eye patch on the first day. Full recovery takes place in one to two weeks.

Strabismus surgery can be done in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. U.S. News ranked the top four Montana hospitals. Number one was the Billings Clinic, followed in order by Benefits Hospitals in Great Falls, St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, and Community Medical Center in Missoula. Consult with your insurance plan to determine which hospitals and surgeons are covered on your plan. Keep in mind that most surgeons can only practice at a certain hospital or surgery center. If you have a specific individual in mind for this procedure, you will need to have your strabismus surgery done at his or her participating facility.

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