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Eye surgery is one of the more common types of surgeries currently being performed in the country according to most medical data. And among them, strabismus surgery is the third most common type of eye surgery. More than 1.2 million patients undergo strabismus surgery every year, and it a basic type of ocular surgery that helps those in need of it. Understanding more about strabismus surgery in New Hampshire can help you understand what to expect in terms of cost, procedure, recovery, and more. It's easy enough to understand the basics and can help set your mind at ease when you're concerned about the process.

First of all, it's important to understand that there are numerous types of strabismus surgery in New Hampshire that one can have performed on them. That's because these surgeries focus on correcting things like lazy eyes, crossed eyes, and other similar conditions. These conditions are all caused by different things. In some cases muscles may be too tight or too loose, for instance. Some basic positioning issues could be at play as well. A surgeon will know exactly what issue is causing your specific problem and then take the steps needed to correct it. It only takes a few minutes to understand the specifics of your situation.

When you have strabismus surgery in New Hampshire it will begin with a consultation. During this visit the surgeon will review your situation and determine what options exist that can help you. They'll then explain exactly what is causing the problem, what they'll do to correct it, and schedule your surgery. While the exact recovery time will vary, six to eight weeks is a good average and during recovery most patients won't be able to swim and will control pain with basic medication and a compress. Your surgeon will give you more specific post-surgery care instructions.

Cost is another factor that those learning about strabismus surgery are concerned about and in this case it's important to understand that the costs will vary depending on the procedure, any possible complications, and on the surgeon or hospital doing the operation. Most costs are around three to four thousand dollars. Overall costs could run from two to six thousand, however. In most instances insurance will cover the majority if not all of the surgical costs. The younger the patient the better since younger patients recover far more quickly than older ones, but no matter your age this is a procedure worth considering.

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