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If someone has eye misalignment or crossed eyes, the implications can be quite serious. For children, teasing and bullying can become a major component. For adults, it can cause problems socially as well. For both adults and children, the lack of ocular focus can strain the ability to read and see the world. To correct this, strabismus surgery may be the answer. Many people may have this misalignment at a very low level. However, for some it can be quite obvious. It is a condition some are born with while others develop it later in life. Strabismus eye surgery is the third most common in the United States. You need to know more about strabismus surgery in New Jersey.

To correct this ocular misalignment, surgeons use a variety of techniques. Their choice depends on the details of each patient's condition. There are different muscles attached to the eye. When one or more muscles are too strong or too weak, it can pull the eye out of alignment. The surgeon may use recession or resection selectively to strengthen or weaken a muscle to counteract the natural status. Recession means to weaken a muscle by removing some of the muscle strands while resection means moving a muscle to a new location. The doctor will likely use a combination of procedures on one or both eyes to correct the misalignment. You need to know more about strabismus surgery in New Jersey.

The ultimate goal of this form of surgery is both cosmetic improvement and vision improvement. Cosmetic improvement involves getting the eyes back into alignment for aesthetic reasons. People respond better to a person with proper eye alignment. The problem with vision improvement is not the eye. It is the brain. The brain controls the muscles around the eyes. Even with cosmetic alignment of the eyes, vision improvement may not happen. The brain may not be able to adjust to the new alignment due to muscle conditioning. Both children and adults may require re-surgery later to keep the best alignment. This is important to know about strabismus surgery in New Jersey.

After strabismus surgery, patients will have some pain and swelling. But, within a week, most can see the results they wanted. For most who have gone through this surgery later in life, they report being much happier with their appearance after going through the surgery. The cost of this surgery depends heavily on the actual procedures needed to correct the problem. With misalignment in both eyes, surgery costs may go up.

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