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About Strabismus Surgery in New Mexico Ė Basic Information Patients Need to Know about Strabismus Surgery

One of the most often performed eye surgeries in New Mexico is for strabismus. For those who do not know, strabismus is when your eyes are misaligned due to either eye muscle weakness or an eye muscle being too strong. There are various types of strabismus surgery that your eye surgeon can perform in New Mexico. If the eye muscle causing the strabismus is too weak, the eye surgeon will use a type of recession procedure in order to weaken the eye muscle on the opposite side of it that is causing it to be too weak. If your eye muscle is too strong, your eye surgeon will perform a resection procedure that moves the eye muscle to another part of the eye in order to make it stronger.

What is really good about this eye surgery is that it is considered to be an out-patient procedure. That means that, as long as there are not complications, you will not stay in the hospital overnight. This is good not just because you will not have to stay overnight, but also for your wallet. While most insurance plans will cover a portion of strabismus surgery, it will not cover all of it. Depending on your insurance plan, you will likely have a deductible that will need to be met before the insurance will pay anything for the procedure and then you will have to pay the rest of the balance.

After you have the strabismus surgery performed, it will take a while for the eye to completely heal. You will have pain in and around the eye that was worked on, as well as blood in the eye. It can be alarming when you first see the blood in your eye, but this is natural. It is nothing to be concerned about and it should go away fully within three weeks of the surgery. You will not be able to drive for at least a day or two after the strabismus surgery is performed, so that is something you will need to keep in mind when planning your procedure.

Even with insurance, the cost of strabismus surgery in New Mexico can be quite pricy. If you find that you canít afford to pay for your surgery, then you can either apply for special health financing programs like Care Credit or you can take a loan out from a bank. The bank loan is the best option, but either way is good since it will enable you to get your strabismus surgery.

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