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If you are living in New York and you have eye misalignment due to strabismus, then you will need strabismus surgery. There are thousands of strabismus surgeries performed throughout the State of New York every year. It is a fairly common procedure. What causes strabismus is either an eye muscle being too strong or the eye muscle being too weak. When the eye muscle is too strong, it can cause the eyes to turn inward, which can not only be an embarrassing problem, but also a hassle. There are different procedures that the eye surgeon will do, depending on the reason for your strabismus.

If your eye muscle is too strong, the eye surgeon will perform a resection procedure. What the surgeon does during this procedure is they remove the eye muscle from its original spot and then reattaches it to another part of the eye. This evens out the strength of the eye muscle and corrects the strabismus problem. If your eye muscle is too weak, the surgeon will do a recession procedure where they reduce the strength of the eye muscle that is directly opposite of the weakened one. This helps balance out the eye muscles and gets rid of strabismus.

There is another type of procedure called adjustable suture strabismus surgery. This is usually done after a resection procedure so that it helps improve the outcome of the surgery. What the surgeon does is they use sutures in the eye muscles and adjust them accordingly so that your eye alignment is corrected to the maximum ability. It is not always done as there is no concrete proof that many are helped by it, but you could possibly find an eye surgeon in New York to do it if you wanted.

Cost is an important factor when determining whether or not you should get strabismus surgery in New York. Even if you have insurance to cover a portion of the procedure, you will still need to pay a fair amount of the bill yourself. Because of this, many patients wait and save up the money before they have the procedure done. If you either can't wait or you do not want to wait, but you also do not have the money to pay for your share of the bill, you can get a personal loan from a bank. This will carry a low interest rate and is a much better alternative to using credit cards to pay the bill.

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