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Strabismus surgery is performed on an individual to strengthen or weaken the muscles that control the movement in a personís eye. There are different forms of Strabismus. This condition causes the eye to involuntarily move. The patient is unable to control this movement, and it can worsen over time if it is not taken care of or treated. This type of surgery is performed on a regular basis by ophthalmologists in North Carolina. Strabismus can be corrected in adults and it is recommended that these adults have surgery when all other treatment options have been exhausted by the patient and their doctor.

This type of surgery is done on an outpatient basis. Depending on the type of Strabismus the patient has, the doctor will either cut the eye muscle and shorten it or lengthen it to allow the muscle movement to be controlled. There are three main types of anesthesia used for this type of surgery. It will depend on the state of the patient. If a patient is not anxious and has not problems with the surgery, they will be given a local anesthetic. Some patients need only a light sedative during the surgery, while others need general anesthesia to have this surgery performed. All patients are given the local anesthesia to numb the surgery area of the eye.

At the beginning of the surgery, a lid speculum holds the eye open during this surgery. A hook is inserted into the muscle to isolate it so the doctor can perform the surgery. The muscle is moved either forward or backwards on the eyeball during the procedure. A recession is performed if the muscle needs to be weakened and a resection is performed if the eye muscle needs to be strengthened. The muscle is reattached to the eye ball using an adjustable suture. This is used to loosen or tighten the muscle during the recovery process.

When the patient is sent home after the surgery, they usually have a patch over the affected eye. The doctor typically puts antibiotic ointment along with a steroid. The antibiotic ointment prevents infections of the eye, and the steroid reduces inflammation. The doctor will see the patient a few days after the surgery to determine if the sutures need to be adjusted. The eye doctor will be able to determine how successful the surgery was at this time. Strabismus surgery is usually performed at a surgical eye center in North Carolina such as Burlington Eye Surgery Center.

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