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Strabismus surgery in Ohio is designed to help people suffering from this condition, which causes many vision problems due to the relative strength of eye muscles. For example, patients whose muscles are too weak will likely have misalignment of the eyes. People whose muscles are too strong usually see the eye turn in or out more than usual. Getting relief from this condition is as easy as learning about the surgical options to balance the muscles so that the eyes are able to function properly and remain in place.

Strabismus surgery involves a two-part process known as recession and resection procedure. Recession is the part of the surgery where the exterior muscle is detached from the eye. In the case of excess strength, the affected muscle will be moved. In the case of weakness, the opposing muscle may be moved to balance the function of the muscles. Once detachment is done, resection follows. This is simply the process of reattaching the muscle further back on the eye to help weaken the muscle so that it isn't overpowering the others. This procedure is fairly straightforward, but it may need to be tweaked from one case to the next depending on the exact issue that is being treated.

If you are considering strabismus surgery in Ohio, you have to think about which procedure is best for your needs. Another surgery, which is really just a modification of the above procedure, is done with adjustable sutures. The goal is to reattach the muscles with adjustable sutures so that adjustments can be made over time. By tracking the results and using adjustable sutures until the desired result is achieved, people can get a much better outcome in their surgery than they might otherwise. Of course, this is only effective for people who have developed this condition in adulthood in most cases.

If strabismus surgery is performed on children, the chances are good that they will need additional procedures in the future as their body continues to grow and change. Doctors can help you better understand the situation and what to expect, but you should always be prepared for 2-3 surgeries for children under 10 just to be safe. Strabismus surgery in Ohio is sometimes covered by insurance, for those who have it. The average cost is around $2000-$4000, depending on who does the procedure and what type of surgery is required. Results are generally positive and provide the vision correction people desire.

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