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Strabismus surgery is performed to correct the ability for the muscles to control the eye movement. This surgery is generally only performed when non-invasive treatments are unsuccessful. Strabismus is a condition that one or both eyes involuntarily turn towards the side of the socket or up or down in the socket. There are two main types of strabismus, which include constant and intermittent types. The constant type occurs all of the time, while the intermittent only occurs during certain times. Strabismus surgery in Oklahoma can be provided in a hospital or medical center such as the Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma located in Oklahoma City.

Diagnosis of Strabismus is required before surgery is performed on this condition. The doctor will likely try different non-invasive approaches such as corrective glasses to improve vision that helps the eye to focus, patching the good eye to allow the wandering eye to build muscle strength and sometimes medication is given to stop the muscle movement in the eye temporarily and prevent movement. When all of these treatment options fail, the doctor may recommend strabismus surgery. A patient can learn more about strabismus surgery centers in Oklahoma before having the surgery.

Strabismus surgery in Oklahoma can also be performed in a hospital by an ophthalmologist who is trained and skilled in this type of surgery. Before this surgery is performed the doctor will typically offer ways to help make the surgery more successful. The can include eye movement exercises and other techniques that have been shown to improve success rates in this type of surgery. General anesthesia is typically used on the patient in strabismus surgery in Oklahoma, especially if the patient is a child. The surgery involves either strengthening or weakening a muscle to correct movement of the eye. A muscle may be clipped and then reattached with a shorter length.

When a patient undergoes strabismus surgery in Oklahoma, they typically require a patch after the surgery is complete if adjustable sutures are used. The eye will be sore and tender days after the surgery. The white of the eye will typically be red and feel scratchy. This should dissipate over the course of days and even into weeks after the surgery. Doctors usually administer antibiotic and/or steroid drops after the surgery to help prevent infection and swelling. Follow up appointments with the surgeon will determine the success of the surgery, and what additional treatment is any is needed.

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