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Most people know strabismus by more common language like crossed-eyes, cross eyes, and other names. Strabismus is a muscle condition in which one or both eyes do not align proper, such as when one eye looks towards a focal point and the other eye drifts elsewhere. When the eyes cross inward, a trick all small children are happy to show you, and stay this way, it is called Esotropia. Exotropia is when the affected eye appears to be looking outward and Hypertropia occurs when the affected eye appears to be looking above or below the focal point. Strabismus surgery is the correction of the improper muscle control.

If you have a constant strabismus condition, it means that either eye turns at all times and with intermittent strabismus, you experience the turning of the eye only during times of extreme stress, illness, concentration, or fatigue. During strabismus surgery, the muscles of the eye will be loosened or tightened, as needed. This adjustment of the muscle allows the surgeon to align the eyes together properly. After surgery, the patient's will have to adjust to now using both eyes together equally. The strabismus surgery eye patient will be fully evaluated before, during, and after surgery and each individual patient's needs noted.

During surgery a stitch is used to weaken a muscle if needed, the muscle is then taken from the eye and moved further back. To strengthen the muscle, it would be shortened to increase pull on the eye. However, keep in mind that strabismus surgery is only performed once eye patching, medication, and glasses have been tried and failed to achieve success. Patients should be aware the full recovery from strabismus surgery takes approximately six weeks before eyes have adjusted to a normal vision and sutures have dissolved. In that time the doctor may do corrections as necessary but with a topical number, there should be no pain from this procedure.

Knowing what to expect about strabismus surgery in Pennsylvania will give you the confidence you need to approach the surgery date with full knowledge and a good understanding of what you can expect before, during, and after surgery. A search on our website will reveal the closest eye doctors in your area who specialize in strabismus correction surgery. It is a good idea to schedule a consultation where you will be able to ask all of the questions you may have in person.

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