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Strabismus is a condition where the muscles of the eye do not work properly and the eyes are not aligned as they should be. This can cause many vision problems because the eyes are not looking in the same direction at the same time. This condition is more common in children, but it can affect patients at any age. Strabismus may occur as the result of an injury or neurological condition. For most patients, the underlying cause of strabismus remains unknown. The eyes simply focus in opposite directions. This condition can be treated in many ways. Surgery is one of the options.

If you're pursuing strabismus surgery for a child, it may be best to consult with an office that has experience with pediatric ophthalmology, such as Rhode Island Eye Institute. Eye surgery can be very intimidating for children and a surgeon that has experience dealing with younger patients can offer calm reassurance and a gentle touch that's best for children. With younger patients, strabismus surgery isn't always necessary. The use of an eye patch or other vision correction may be able to retrain the brain and eye to work together properly, restoring the child's vision without any kind of invasive procedure.

If you're dealing with strabismus, it's good to learn about strabismus surgery in Rhode Island before choosing a treatment method. With strabismus, the muscles of the eye are not working properly. They may be too tight, too loose, or in the wrong place. To correct this, the surgeon will surgically detach the muscle from the eye and reattach it in another area. In this way, the muscle can be moved to a better location, tightened, or loosened accordingly. The eye is rotated in the socket to facilitate this kind of surgery. It is not removed from the socket at any point.

A local anesthetic keeps the eye area numb during strabismus surgery. You will not be able to drive home after this procedure. When you're choosing a Rhode Island provider for this procedure, you should make sure that you pick a surgeon who practices in a location that's convenient for you. If you have insurance, this procedure is usually covered. Make sure that you visit an ophthalmologist that's covered by your insurance provider. Many plans will only cover providers within their network. Since Rhode Island is a very small state, covering only 1,214 square miles, you may be covered for out of state doctors as well.

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