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Strabismus is a condition that occurs when the eyes are not aligned. This happens because the muscles are not working properly. They may be too loose or too tight, the placement of the muscles may be off, or the brain and eyes might not be communicating correctly. Before considering surgery, most ophthalmologists will explore the other options that are available for treatment. Special glasses or an eye patch can help to retrain the muscles and strengthen them as needed. Vision therapy is another treatment option that can be very useful for strabismus, especially in children. If these treatments do not work, surgery may be considered.

The exact surgical methods that are used will be different with every patient. There are six muscles on each eye. These muscles may need to be loosened, tightened, or repositioned. The muscle in question will be surgically removed from the eye, and repositioned as necessary. The muscle is then reattached to the eye with small sutures. It can be very difficult to determine exactly how the muscles need to be manipulated for the best results. Most patients will return to the ophthalmologist again a few days after the surgery for readjustments. Adjustable sutures can be used to make it easier for the surgeon to readjust the muscles.

If you're considering this procedure, it's a good idea to learn all about strabismus surgery in South Carolina beforehand. This will help you decide whether this procedure is right for you. Strabismus is common in children. If you're considering surgery for a child, it can be helpful to work with an ophthalmologist who specializes in this area. Surgeons that are accustomed to working with children will be especially well-equipped to perform this procedure. As well, you can choose an eye care center that specializes in strabismus surgery, like the Jervey Eye Group. Always choose an ophthalmologist that you're comfortable with.

South Carolina is a large area with more than 30,000 square miles and over 4,679,000 residents. You'll have your pick of eye doctors in this state. Choose a surgeon that has a convenient location for your strabismus surgery. This is an outpatient procedure but you won't be able to drive home. A local anesthetic is used around the eye so you will not feel the procedure. The eye is then rolled to one side to expose the muscles. Redness and discomfort should go away within two to three weeks. If you're suffering from strabismus, see your eye doctor and discuss whether strabismus surgery is right for you.

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