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A very wide spread condition, it is estimated that anywhere from six to twelve million people in the United States have some degree of strabismus. However, most people have never heard this technical term. Strabismus refers to the inability of the eye to align at the same time. People with strabismus often have one eye that turns either in or out. Common terms include lazy eye, cross-eyed or wall-eyed, but strabismus can also result in double vision, blurred vision, and impaired depth perception. About five percent of children globally have some degree of strabismus, and most strabismus surgery in Tennessee is performed on children. This is primarily to fix the problem early and avoid vision and self-image problems. However, it is also because children adapt quicker and eye muscles and brains learn more quickly the new way to interact.

Strabismus is usually a problem with muscle weakness and strength, though it can involve a processing disorder in the brain's communication with the eye muscles. When certain eye muscles are weak, they do not fully rotate the eye to align with the other eye. When they are too strong, they pull the eye too far in one direction, making it difficult to move to look in the opposite direction. Strabismus surgery in Tennessee involves adjusting the strength of the eye muscles by detaching and reattaching them to weaken or strengthen them as needed. The average cost of strabismus surgery is $3,000, but it can range from $2,000 to $6,000.

There are two main procedures in strabismus surgery in Tennessee: resection and recession. When muscles are too strong, they may be detached and moved back (recession)in order to weaken them. A resection procedure can also be used on the antagonistic muscles (or opposing muscles) of weak muscles to help balance out their movement. Adjustable suture strabismus surgery allows the surgeon to make small adjustments with the stitches several days to a week after the surgery to improve the overall success of the procedure.

Strabismus surgery in Tennessee may have to be repeated several times in order to get a positive final result, and other therapies may also be needed, including special training glasses, eye patches, or exercises. Many people throughout history have had strabismus and still accomplished a great deal. In fact, experts believe that Abraham Lincoln had strabismus. However, with the technological advances in the surgery making correction readily available, many people want to avoid to the vision problems, headaches, and social stigma associated with this condition.

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