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Strabismus surgery in Texas is a type of corrective surgery. This is indicated when there is a problem with proper eye alignment. It can cause double vision, which makes things difficult for those who suffer from it. Fortunately, surgery is a reasonable option that normally completely removes the problem. Usually, it has its best effects when it's performed on children, although increasing numbers of Texas adults are undergoing this procedure. While it has its risks like any other surgical procedure does, most that undergo it have a good long-term prognosis for their eyesight.

Depending on the doctor, Texas strabismus surgery can cost from $2000 to $6000. Because it is considered to be corrective, rather than cosmetic, it can be covered by most insurance. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. Many eye clinics offer financing for patients who have no insurance, or who have only a limited amount of insurance. This financing is usually offered interest-free, with affordable monthly payments. Financing helps ease the burden on patients who may not otherwise be able to pay for their procedure. Before committing to having this procedure done, it is a good idea to find out what sorts of different payment options are available.

There are some patients who can have successful non-surgical procedures done. One example of an alternate therapy is Botox injections. However, not everyone will respond well to this type of therapy. To avoid risks, this surgery is done under general anesthesia, although patients can be kept awake when it is a necessity. The muscle affected is moved after making an incision on the white part of the eye. Special sutures can be used that allow the surgeon to easily adjust the eye's position, which is sometimes necessary after the anesthesia wears off. A small number of patients may require additional surgery. Risks and complications include injury during the surgery and scarring.

Before you have any sort of procedure done, you will need a detailed surgical consultation. The doctor will go over your full medical history, including previous procedures you've had done. This consultation will be used to help determine what surgical options or other options are best for your health. If you have had any previous reactions to anesthesia or other difficulties during surgery, be sure to mention this to your surgeon. He or she will also give you instructions regarding medications that you may need to cease leading up to the surgery, as well as current health conditions that may be a possible problem.

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