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Every person has six muscles on the outside of their eyes that controls the eye's movement. When one of those muscles becomes too weak or too strong, it results in a condition called strabismus. The only way to correct strabismus is through strabismus surgery. There are many places throughout Utah where a person with strabismus can get the surgery they need in order to fix their condition. Usually, your eye doctor can refer you to an eye surgeon or you may need to find an eye surgeon on your own in order to get the problem corrected.

Some people do not realize just exactly what having strabismus means. If you have strabismus because your eye muscle is too strong, it will cause your eye to turn out, turn in, turn upward, or turn downward. If your eye muscle is too weak, then it causes your eyes to be misaligned. Either way, strabismus is an annoyance and sometimes even a dangerous condition. It is not dangerous as in you can die from it, but it can seriously limit your ability to drive and embarrassment from having the condition can destroy social relationships because the person with strabismus pulls away from social interaction.

As mentioned, surgery is the only way to correct either form of strabismus. The surgical procedure that your eye surgeon will perform on your eye will be different, depending on the reason for your strabismus. If your strabismus is caused by your eye muscle being too strong, your surgeon will perform what is called a recession and resection procedure. During the recession phase of the procedure, the eye surgeon will detach the eye muscle that is too strong. During the resection procedure, the eye surgeon will reattach the eye muscle a little farther back on the eye from where it was. If your eye muscle is too weak, then your eye surgeon will then utilize a recession procedure on the opposite eye muscle that is weakening the one eye muscle. This helps balance out the strength between the two.

Strabismus surgery is usually covered, at least in part, by insurance. It is not something that is done for cosmetic reasons so it will qualify as a necessary procedure. If you can't afford to pay for the rest of your strabismus surgery in Utah or you have no insurance, you can apply for health-related credit assistance accounts to help pay. They are just like credit accounts, except you have a set monthly payment every month and a set time to pay the balance off.

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