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Not everyone knows that the human eye and its movement is controlled by several different muscles. As a matter of fact, there are six eye muscles that control each eye. On occasion, one of these muscles may be a bit off, strength-wise. An eye muscle can either be too weak or too strong and cause problems. This condition is known as strabismus. When a person has strabismus, they require eye surgery in order to fix the issue. If you have strabismus because of the eye muscle being too weak, then your eyes will be misaligned. If it is because an eye muscle is too strong, it will cause your eye to turn every which way basically you can't control your eye. Depending on the reason for your strabismus, your strabismus surgery will be different.

When a person has strabismus because their eye muscle is too weak, the eye surgeon will perform recession on the opposing eye muscle that should help strengthen the weak eye muscle. When a surgeon does a recession procedure, they simply detach the eye muscle. If the patient has an eye muscle that is far too strong, the eye surgeon will do a recession procedure (remove the eye muscle that is too strong) and then reattach it elsewhere on the eye. This procedure is called resection. So, depending on the reason for your strabismus, you can have a dramatically different strabismus surgery.

For residents of Vermont who need strabismus surgery, there are various eye surgeons throughout the state that can help. The bulk of the eye surgeons are found in Burlington, Vermont of course since it is such a large city. However, even the smaller communities have an eye surgeon because everything is so spread out that it would be a great inconvenience to have to travel from one side of the state to the other just to have strabismus surgery.

Strabismus surgery can be expensive. Even if you do have insurance, it will not cover every cost that is associated with getting strabismus surgery. Thankfully, there are ways for a patient needing strabismus surgery to pay their remaining balance or to pay for the surgery altogether if they do not have insurance. You can always take out a loan from the bank. This will allow you to pay for the surgery without having to incur a huge interest rate on the amount borrowed. You can also pay for it out of an HSA account if you have one. When you need strabismus surgery, you can find a way to pay for it.

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