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What is strabismus and why is surgery sometimes necessary? Most people do not know what the term strabismus means. However, when you use the term cross-eyed, they instantly know that term. They are the same. Strabismus is the medical term for ocular misalignment. Being cross-eyed happens with the misalignment is significant enough to draw attention. Many people can have an ocular misalignment without it being very prominent. Some have it all the time. Others may only have a problem during times of stress or being tired. Some have this problem from birth while others have it later in life due to injury, illness, or just aging. Strabismus surgery is the third most common eye surgery in the country. You need to know more about strabismus surgery in Virginia.

What factors go into determine what techniques an eye surgeon uses? Eye surgeons have a range of techniques to use in correcting ocular misalignment. The surgeon can use a single technique or multiple techniques on a single patient and in a single procedure. A human eye requires six different muscles attached to its exterior to control movement and rotation. The more common cause of ocular misalignment is when one muscle is too strong or too weak. People with cranial nerve damage can also cause problems with eye alignment. Doctors may weaken an overly strong muscle or may strengthen a weak muscle using the techniques at their disposal. What else do you need to know about strabismus surgery in Virginia.

What can the patient expect after completing strabismus surgery? There are two aspects to judging the success of strabismus surgery. The first is cosmetic improvement and the second is vision improvement. Cosmetic improvement is almost always successful with this surgery. The vision improvement can be tricky though. The brain controls how the eyes focus. Quite often, the brain cannot adjust to the realignment and vision improvement does not happen. You need to know this about strabismus surgery in Virginia.

What are the long term results of strabismus surgery? For most people who go through strabismus surgery, the results are easy to see. The cosmetic improvement of the ocular misalignment is evident. For older children and adults, this can have a very positive impact to self-image and how a person presents to others. Some patients will need additional surgeries in the future to maintain the results. But, many only need one surgery to get the results desired. Your first step in getting correction is to talk to your eye doctor.

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