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Strabismus surgery is an important ophthalmic procedure that is used to correct misaligned eyes. There are over 1 million of these procedures performed each year throughout the United States. The surgery may involve loosening or tightening of the eye muscles. It may also be used for transposition or adjustable suture surgery. Loosening procedures may involve recession, myotomy, myectomy, tenotomy, or tenectomy. Tightening usually involves tucking, resection, or advancement. This procedure is commonly used to correct misalignments related to lazy eye, a condition that is actually quite common among individuals of varying ages living within the United States.

Strabismus surgery in Washington requires ophthalmic knowledge. You must determine whether you wish to practice generalized strabismus surgery or you may choose pediatric or adult strabismus surgery. Although there are other ways to correct strabismus other than surgery, surgery is used when glasses and orthoptics fail. As a potential strabismus surgeon, the type of facility you work in is up to you. You may choose a hospital, clinic or other type of facility. Keep in mind that the type of facility you choose and location will affect the amount of salary you make per year.

Recovery from strabismus surgery may vary. The doctor repairs the muscles that attach to the wall of the eye, otherwise known as the sclera. The muscle referred to located beneath the thin transparent tissue of the eye, which is also known as the conjunctiva. A small hook like instrument isolates the muscle so the surgeon can operate successfully. During the procedure, the eyelids are held in an open position using a surgical instrument referred to as a lid speculum. The eye and skin around the eye stay perfectly intact throughout the entire procedure.

If you are in need of a weakening of the eye muscle, the strabismus surgeon will perform what is called a recession. If the eye muscles need tightening, the doctor will perform a resection. During the recession procedure, the eye muscles are cut back away from the eye's surface and reattached at a further distance. The resection process allows the doctor to reattach the muscles of the eye closer to the front of the eye. The doctor may choose to use adjustable suture, which will allow necessary adjustments from an easily accessible position at a later date.

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