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Millions of eye surgery procedures performed every year across the United States. The third most common type of eye surgery procedure in the United States is a procedure known as strabismus surgery. Strabismus surgery is a procedure that works to correct the misalignment of the eyes or in some cases one eye. The misalignment of the eyes is corrected by surgically operating on the extraocular muscles of the eye. Every year over 1.2 million strabismus surgeries are conducted all across the United States with a portion of them being conducted right in the state of West Virginia. The cost of strabismus surgery in West Virginia is approximately $3,000 and may or may not include the cost to undergo general anesthesia.

Misalignment of the eyes can happen at any age. However, it is often caused by a weakness that occurs between the extraocular muscles. This weakness that causes misalignment between the eyes can affect depth perception and prevent individuals from having proper binocular vision. There are a variety of reasons this weakness can occur. One reason is an inability for the extraocular muscles to develop properly which cause the two eyes to become misaligned. Another popular reason for strabismus is because of a brain disorder that causes the two eyes to be misaligned.

There are several different types of strabismus surgeries that can be performed on a patient that is showing signs of misalignment of the eyes. All strabismus surgeries are performed by an eye doctor in a hospital setting. The first type of surgery is one that works to loosen or weaken the extraocular muscles between the eyes. This procedure takes the muscle and moves it towards the point of origin. The second type of procedure is one that works to tighten or strengthen the muscles. This procedure can involve removing or detaching the eye muscles and reattaching it to a part of the eye. The last procedure is one that designed to reposition the area of the eye to make it aligned with the other eye.

Patients who undergo any type of strabismus surgery can expect to undergo a one day procedure. Strabismus surgery is an out-patient affair where the patient only spends a few hours in the hospital. Once the procedure is complete the patient will be given a cover for the eye to prevent light or rolling of the eyes during the healing process. Strabismus surgery is a relatively painless procedure with minimal swelling and redness. However, if you are undergoing a muscle reattachment surgery the pain may be greater than the other types of strabismus surgery.

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