Custom Monovision

Opthalmologist performing a LASIK examination

As people grow older, their vision will more than likely change and deteriorate. People with normal vision have the ability to focus on very close objects and on objects that are very far away. Without conscious thought, they can rapidly switch their focus from near to far vision and vice versa. However, as each year passes, that ability to switch focus decreases. When most people reach the age of forty, they may need to wear bifocal or reading classes in order to focus on close-up objects. This condition is called presbyopia wherein there is an inability to easily shift focus from near to far. A solution for presbyopia is called monovision.



General Information about Monovision

Deriving from the root word mono which means single, monovision involves correcting one eye for distance viewing the correcting the other for near viewing. Since it is a blend of near and far vision, it is ideal for persons with active life styles. If worn by the right person, monovision is a great asset to sight. The only
disadvantage is that there is a concession as the person's vision would not be perfectly clear up close or in a distance. However, he will still get the best of both worlds as his regular view will largely improve.

It should be noted that a brief adaptation period of about one to two weeks is required for people who had undergone monovision. The reason is that the brain needs adjusting on how to see with the eye best suited
for certain task. The degree of teamwork between the two eyes may vary from patient to patient. That is why some doctors advise patients to have a trial with monovision spectacles or monovision contact lenses
before undergoing monovison cataract surgery, custom monovison or laser eye surgery.

Custom Monovision LASIK Surgery

Depending on the advice of a highly skilled doctor, a person with presbyopia may need to have custom monovision LASIK eye surgery. It is advantageous as it treats the roots of the problem rather than just
treating symptoms, because it permanently corrects the eyes for near vision and distant vision. During LASIK surgery, the doctor will create a small flap in the surface of the cornea, which is the clear front window of the eye. It will be pulled open to enable a computer-guided laser to reshape softly the misshapen cornea thus allowing the eye to focus better. After the cornea is reshaped, the flap in the cornea is returned in place.

Below are some of the general benefits of LASIK eye surgery for custom monovision:

1. The result is permanent so there is no need to repeat the procedure or find another solution.

2. For people with a busy lifestyle, the hassle of cleaning and maintaining contact lenses is avoided.

3. The crystalline lens of the eye is left intact.

4. It is approved for those who are professionals in aviation,
sports, emergency medical personnel and other vision intensive

5. There is no longer a need to wear glasses or corrective lenses

Presbyopia is a condition where there is an inability to shift focus
from the near to the far. A highly recommended treatment for it is
monovision to correct one eye for near distance and one eye for far
distance. Monovision treatment can come in the form of regular
prescription glasses, contact lens or even custom monovision LASIK eye
surgery. Among the forms, LASIK surgery is more recommended for its
permanent effects and overall comfort from the freedom of not wearing
eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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