CustomVue LASIK Surgery

Monitor showing CustomVue LASIK surgery

CustomVue LASIK is emerging to be one of the best types of surgery for vision correction. It uses a new technology of wave front mapping, which gives the patient the best possible results available in today’s time. A growing number of people are becoming conscious of the way they look and have a desire to get away with their spectacles; this is where CustomVue LASIK surgery comes into the picture. It’s a type of laser eye surgery that detects and corrects 94% of the major eye problems.

CustomVue LASIK surgery uses the system of wave front mapping, which was first used in the field of astronomy. It was developed to give a clear picture of the outer solar system by the means of adjusting the optics of the telescope, whose mirrors have aberration due to gravitation of the earth. Later on, wave front mapping technology was incorporated into laser eye surgeries for providing an advanced guiding system. It treats astigmatism, hypermyopia, myopia and other disorders of the eye. When used for laser eye surgery, the wave front analyzes how light travels in form of waves through the eye and it manage to map the imperfections and distortion, which are unique to one’s vision. Then this 3-D mapping is saved and the computer guided laser corrects the surface of the eye based on the information given in the map. Due to the unique assessment of the eye of each individual, there is a possibility of regaining 20/20 vision in most cases.

LASIK (Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis) can only be performed by experienced optical surgeon specifically trained to perform such surgeries. It involves a combination of keratomileusis, cutting the flap of the cornea, and excimer laser photoablation, and using a laser to reshape the eye. The cool ultraviolet beam of laser sends preprogrammed pulses to correct the vision by pulling back the corneal flap. This laser refractive surgery might involve some potential side effects which include dry eyes, glares and certain other visual abnormalities.

In rare cases, it may also lead to flap related complications. A surgery using wave front mapping reduces the patient’s risk of side effects, such as night blindness, halos around lights and star vision after the usual LASIK eye surgeries. Medical optical equipment used in the surgery is approved by the FDA. The surgery improves the overall vision of the patient and makes the cornea healthier. A knowledgeable physician must be consulted before undergoing a laser surgery.

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