How to Select a LASIK Surgeon

Always choose a LASIK doctor who is board certified & licensed

To successfully undergo a LASIK operation, it is very important for patients to select an experienced LASIK eye surgeon. Inexperienced surgeons may be less capable of dealing with complications, raising the risks of infections and vision problems. Don’t be misguided by captivating advertisements of “experts”, and never opt for a surgeon solely based on cost. Patients can search for a surgeon in their area by looking at advertisements and asking for referrals from doctors or other medical professionals. To select the perfect LASIK eye surgeon, you should look at the following:


Ask a trusted doctor for some reference on eye care specialists in your area. Try to locate a reputable LASIK eye surgeon who has a good track record in various types of eye operations such as LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and CK. The surgeon who has done a good number of operations with satisfactory results is best for the job.

Proper Licensing

The LASIK eye surgeon should have the proper license to carry out the operations. You may review the credential of the potential surgeon, and talk to people who underwent operations performed by the surgeon. To
check the reliability of doctor, you can see the state medical board website to verify the license.

Professional Organization Membership

It’s extremely important that the surgeon holds a membership in a recognized professional organization. Again, you can look into the data bank of organization to know if the information given by the surgeon is true or not.

Board Certification

There are professional boards, such as the American Board of Ophthalmology and American Board of Eye Surgery, that provide training and board certification on LASIK. The LASIK eye surgeon should hold a certificate from a reputed board.

Patient Care Philosophy

Good patient care philosophy helps patients to feel comfortable, to be open about issues during operation, and recover fast. The doctors and staff of the hospital should have a friendly attitude and should be willing to answer to all the queries of the patient about the procedure, complications, and cost involved. The staff should respond fast to the patient’s need.

Questionnaire for the LASIK Eye Surgeon

When you meet the LASIK expert, you should ask a number of questions such as:

  • The background of surgeon, the certifications, and the organization to which, he or she is affiliated?
  • Ask about the type of laser that will be used for the operation?
  • How many surgeries have you done in the last 12 months, and your success rate and complication rate?
  • The patient should ask about the benefit of surgery and the time to recover, and the effect it will have on current work.
  • Enquire about the place of operation and facilities available to handle emergencies.
  • Ask for the cost of operation and the cost of emergencies.
  • Ask about the precautions you need to take before and after the operation.

Ensure the LASIK eye surgeon will be involved the surgery team from the start to end. The surgeon should possess positive experience with LASIK. Also, the surgeon must explain about the risks and complications involved. It’s also the surgeon’s responsibility to answer to queries regarding the surgery and cost.

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