What Happens After LASIK Eye Surgery?

Woman receiving post-LASIK follow up exam

It is essential to follow the LASIK surgery aftercare instructions of your doctor. Usually, patients will be asked to rest and use the prescribed medications. Complications have been known to occur when patients have not adhered to their doctor's instructions. Rubbing the eyes should also be avoided to lessen the chance of dislodging the corneal flap or causing an infection. Be very cautious when bathing to avoid soap suds from irritating your eyes.

Though you may be able to go to school or work the following day, it is advisable to get a couple days of rest. Strenuous exercise for a week is also discouraged, as it can affect healing and traumatize the eyes. Even light exercise can cause perspiration which can then irritate the eyes post surgery. Stay out of the swimming pool and/or ocean for at least 10 days following your LASIK surgery. Please remember to use eye protection when you start getting back to your usual exercise routine after the first month of your LASIK Surgery.

It is recommended that you do not drive yourself to your appointment and to not drive for some time after undergoing your LASIK procedure. The amount of time you will have to wait to drive will be dependent upon the type of surgery you undergo. You will definitely want a pair of sunglasses and possibly a visor or brimmed hat on hand with you to help reduce the sensitivity of your eyes to outdoor light. Avoid as many causes of outside irritants as possible i.e. smoke, fumes, chemicals, candles, dust, pollen, etc. as these may cause further discomfort to your eyes.

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